The Institute of Applied Quality Science
Office: BM Unifaculty London WC1N 3XX Great Britain, with members throughout Africa, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, India, the Middle East, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom and its territories and the United States of America and territories
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The Institute offers accreditation for firms and other organizations which require public recognition of their application of quality improvement and management systems both directly to organizations and in cooperation with local trade bodies. The Institute provides education in the field of quality and works with individuals and organizations to develop quality management methods. The Institute promotes research in the science, psychology and philosophy of creating and delivering the best.

The institute provides support and professional accreditation for individuals and organisations ...

There are several approaches to the application of ensuring Quality in the design and production of something.

These include Quality Assurance Schemes such as ISO. Also used is the concept called Total Quality Management or TQM.

To an extent, TQM draws on that most ancient of management techniques and philosophy known as Common Sense.

You can find more information on the Philosophy and Concept of Common Sense at the website of the Stratagem Philosophical Society at

There are several approaches to the application of Quality to the design and production of something.


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